A discount through academic pricing can be applied once for the first time and will be automatically terminated after 1 year. Members who have already applied for discounts can subscribe to the plans at regular prices through the Pricing page. If this discount is terminated in the middle before maturity, the remaining discount period will be invalidated, and the discount cannot be applied afterward.

When signing up, select the membership type as "academic" and register the academic institution email (.edu or .ac.**). Sign in after verifying the email and proceed with the payment on the "academic pricing" page.

You can try the Plus plan for free for 7 days when you sign up (same for Personal/Business/Academy).

FITVAC™ Solution provides cloud-based services on the web. It is no need to install. You can use the program by logging in and clicking the "Launch program" button on the main page. Regarding the use of the program, please check the "Resources-Quick start".

Go to forgot password page, and input your email address. Register your new password by clicking the link in the email.

You can modify your personal information and password on the "my page". If you "save" the information after modifying it, the changes will be saved.

If you do not have access to or use the program within 7 days after the initial payment, you can request a refund. If you use the program, your payment is non-refundable, and your service will continue until the end of the billing period. For more information on refunds, please refer to the Terms of paid service.

Click the list you want to stop in "my page". After selecting to stop recurring payment, you can use the program until the month or year and the next payment will be canceled.

When you click the "Ch." (chamber)in the left corner of the program menu or "Pump" (pump) button in the main menu, a screen appears where you can modify the conditions, width, height, etc. can be modified in the input box on the left screen, and type, position can be changed on the right screen. The width and height of the right side are automatically calculated, so please note that modification is possible on the left screen.

If you have any other questions, please leave them at support@fit-vac.com or contact page. We will answer them as soon as possible.

You can pay through PayPal on the website.

Single can configure one system in a project, and chart and data file are generated as a result of simulation of pump down time and throughput (flow/pressure) of the system. You can check that the configured system meets the vacuum requirements and create unlimited projects during the subscription period. Twin has the same function as Single, but it can configure two systems in one project and compare simulation results for two systems with each other.

Twin can configure up to two systems in a single project, resulting in pump down time and flow/pressure simulation results and data files for each system. You can check whether the configured system meets the vacuum requirements and create unlimited projects during the subscription period. Plus can configure up to three systems in one project, and pipe efficiency evaluation and pump capacity evaluation are added. Optimum is similar to Plus, but it can configure up to six systems in a project.

If you want to change the plan, please select the "change plan" button for the plan you want on the Pricing page and follow the instructions. The payment and product launch according to the plan change are as follows.

Upgrading the plan, the existing plan will be canceled immediately, and payment will be made for the new one. The recurring payment date will be renewed as the date of price for the new plan. The remaining period of the previous plan will not be refunded. The following are applicable for upgrades:

  • Change to high-priced products among products with the same payment period
  • Change to a product of another payment period

Downgrading the product, the existing product will be canceled immediately, and the new product will be applied without additional payment. The price of the changed product will be charged from the next recurring payment date. The following are applicable for downgrades:

  • Change to a low-priced product among products with the same payment period

Monthly payments are made monthly and are paid on the same date every month. (If there is no such date, it will be paid on the last day of the month.)

Yearly payments are made yearly and are paid on the same date every year. (If there is no such date, the payment will be made on the last day of the month for the year.)

Upon termination of recurring payments, the member can use the plan until the subscription's expiration date. The subscription expiration date can be checked in the "my subscription history" on "my page".

If the recurring payment is not made, payment will be attempted every day for 3 days, and if payment is not made within 3 days, the subscription will be canceled due to payment failure.