FITVAC™ Solution enables enhancing
vacuum system efficiency and reducing costs

Configuring the high conductance piping and selecting the right pump capacity
for your chamber & process, are possible with FITVAC™ Solution!

FITVAC™ Solution provides vacuum simulation &
3D modeling of vacuum system

Intuitive visualization facilitates communication within the team, across departments and with customers.
Before installation, configure and optimize the system as much as you want.

FITVAC™ Solution that can be used effectively
for vacuum training sessions & classes

Through intuitive 3D visualization and powerful graphic functions,
it can be effectively used for vacuum training sessions and classes.


What we offer


3D modeling of vacuum system

  • Intuitive 3D modeling
  • - 3D visualization of vacuum system
    - Rotating, moving, zoom in & out
    - System comparison before & after
  • Icons & industrial standards
  • - Shape icons of components
    - Vacuum pipe standards by country
    - Auto-connection between components

Vacuum performance simulation

  • Pump down time
  • Simulation of chamber pressure down from start pressure over time during chamber pumping.
  • Vacuum throughput
  • Simulation of chamber pressure according to the change of gas flow rate injected into the chamber.

Pipe conductance and pump capacity optimization

  • Pipe conductance simulation
  • Indication of color temperature to distinguish the low conductance piping elements with improvement guidance.
  • Pump capacity evaluation simulation
  • Comparisons of multiple simulation results by pump capacity and vacuum requirements for selection of optimal capacity.

FITVAC™ Solution enables enhancing vacuum system efficiency and reducing costs

FITVAC's benefits 1
FITVAC's benefits 2
FITVAC's benefits 3
  • When designing vacuum systems, pipes and pumps are configured in a various ways according to installation conditions and vacuum requirements. Depending on how to configure them, the overall efficiency and investment cost of the system can vary.
  • Due to individual installation of the chamber, pipes, and pump, the use of low conductance piping or over-capacity pump occurs in the field. The worst case is installing systems repeatedly even with high investment costs and low efficiency.
  • Vacuum systems are facility equipments that take a long time to replace once installed, and the best way is to check the performance of the system through simulation and optimize it before investment and installation.
  • FITVAC™ Solution is a practical SW for users to configure an optimal vacuum system that meets both installation conditions and vacuum requirements.

FITVAC™ Solution provides differentiated services that reflect customer needs

Intuitive user interfaceThe shape icons and libraries, and 3D modeling make it easy for anyone to configure the vacuum system.
Accurate simulationBased on 3D numerical analysis data & field measurement data, we focus on realizing the high accuracy of simulation results.
Seamless communicationFrom vacuum system design engineers to users, 3D visualization can make it easy to enable more precise and smoother communication.
Cloud-based SWFITVAC™ Solution is a SaaS-based platform that can be accessed anytime, anywhere without installation or updates.
System optimizationSystem optimization through evaluation and improvement can increase efficiency and reduce costs.
World-class securityAll data in this website is protected with web standard encryption technology.

FITVAC™ Solution provides differentiated services for customers

We provide differentiated solutions and services to create customer value based on its long experience and know-how in vacuum technology and applications.


Customer reviews

Through 3D visualization & simulation of vacuum systems,
it greatly helps to communicate and educate employees
on the configuration & performance of vacuum systems.

Ivan Park Vacuum & vacuum system training manager

It is really easy to understand vacuum performance changes
according to system configurations with various combinations of piping & pump capacities,
through 3D modeling & performance simulation.

Yeji Won University student

I can easily and quickly configure pipes and select pumps
that meet both the installations condition in fab and process conditions of each chamber.
I was able to reduce repetitive work and save a lot of time.

HY Kim Semiconductor manufacturing company
Project manager

I've delivered 2,000 m³/hr pumps to our customers with our main vacuum equipment.
Recently I realized that 600 m³/hr pump is enough sufficient for the chamber and process.
I highly recommend vacuum simulations to select the right size of pumps.
I was able to increase the overall cost competitiveness of the system including pipes & pump.

Robin H Semiconductor equipment manufacturing company

When designing pipes, we could add efficiency to the shortest-distance design, which could further increase the overall efficiency of the factory.
As the piping efficiency increased, the process margin increased and the capacity of the pump could be reduced.

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