VSL, new standard for vacuum simulation

About VSL

Based on our long experience and know-how in vacuum technology and applications, we provide software solutions and technical consulting services for vacuum performance simulation and vacuum system design and configuration. Through unique 3D modeling, vacuum performance prediction simulation, system evaluation and improvement, and system optimization, we are constantly striving to create higher customer added value by improving productivity and reducing costs. In addition, as the manufacturing industry is facing global environmental changes and zero-carbon issues, VSL’s optimization solutions will be a direct response to ESG management.

The industry’s only optimal solution combining 3D modeling and simulation

VSL’s solution provides an intuitive modeling tool to visualize vacuum systems in 3D using UI/UX, icons, and libraries. By integrating 3D modeling with vacuum performance simulation technology, anyone can easily configure systems and predict vacuum performance. With the FITVAC™ Solution, you can configure an optimal system by configuring high conductance vacuum piping and selecting pumps with the right capacity for your chamber and process.

The industry’s only optimal solution combining 3D modeling and simulation


Customer’s sustainable growth is the aim of VSL

VSL aims to help users implement the optimal vacuum system that meets the installation environment, chamber conditions, and process conditions with minimal effort. We also aim to help users save time and resources repeatedly spent on system design, review, and rework, and maximize the efficiency of vacuum systems to reduce costs and improve productivity. Furthermore, by contributing to energy reduction and zero carbon, we strive to develop and apply innovative technologies continuously for sustainable growth of companies and creation of social value.

Core Abilities

  • Model-based 3D visualization


    Model-based 3D visualization is the most efficient way for users to easily, and immediately understand and configure systems. It also enhances smoother communication, prevents errors, shortens time, and saves resources.

  • Advanced vacuum performance simulation


    FITVAC™ simulation is based on field measurement data and 3D numerical analysis data for high accuracy. And we are striving to upgrade the simulation by securing and analyzing reliable field data.

  • Pipe conductance & pump capacity optimization


    It’s a powerful user feature that enables you to check pipe conductance and pump capacity through various simulations, implement the maximum pipe conductance in the installation environment, and select an appropriate pump capacity that satisfies chamber and process conditions. We are conducting research to improve user convenience and promptness, including automatic recommendation of maximum conductance piping and optimal capacity pumps.



  • Early Startup Package Program by KISED
  • SME Technology Development Support Project by TIPA
  • Advanced development of FITVAC™ Solution
  • ISO/IEC 27001/27018 Certification by IQNET/KFQ
  • Application 3 patents, 1 PCT
  • NEST corporate selection by KODIT



  • Launch of FITVAC™ Solution
  • Conversion to VSL Co., Ltd.
  • GS Certification Level 1 by TTA
  • Certificate of Venture Enterprise by KOVA
  • Registration 2 patents



  • Registration 1 patent
  • Global Startup Package Program (Academy) by KOSME
  • INNOPOLIS corporate registration
  • 1B KRW Credit Quarantees from KODIT
  • Seed investment attraction
  • TIPS Program selection
  • Cloudcomputing QoS Check (NIPA)