FITVAC™ Solution

SaaS-based vacuum system optimization solutionFITVAC™ Solution

When configuring a vacuum system, piping and pumps vary from process to process and site to site, and how they are configured can make a big difference in the overall efficiency, power consumption and investment cost of the system.

With FITVAC™ Solution, you can avoid using low conductance piping and oversized pumps, and configure an optimal vacuum system that meets both your installation conditions and vacuum requirements.

It is the right solution when using primary pumps alone or in combination with roots blowers in low and medium vacuum range.

Vacuum Requirement Input play_arrow

Vacuum Requirement Input

These are the main requirements to consider when designing a vacuum system and you should input the most challenging conditions among the vacuum requirements or process recipes.

Pump down time requirement

Input the starting pressure, target pressure, and the time required to reach the target pressure from the starting pressure, when pumping the chamber.

Throughput (flow/pressure) requirement

Input the required chamber pressure and the gas flow rate, when injecting gas into the chamber.

3D Modeling play_arrow

3D Modeling

Provides vacuum system-specific 3D modeling tools and icons of various shapes. Users can configure the system to be installed in 3D and intuitively understand the system structure.

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Vacuum Performance Simulation play_arrow

Vacuum Performance Simulation

Simulation results of pump down time, throughput can be seen. The vacuum requirements are also displayed on the same graph. This allows users to easily check if the system they are designing meets their vacuum requirements.

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Pipe Conductance play_arrow

Pipe Conductance

Shows the conductance of each pipe as a color-temperature. Users can easily identify inefficient sections of piping and improve them with guided tips.

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Pump Capacity play_arrow

Pump Capacity

Shows multiple simulation results with increasing and decreasing pump speed of the applied pump, along with vacuum requirements. This prevents users from selecting a pump that does not meet the requirements or has excessive capacity.

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System Improvement & Optimization

System Improvement & Optimization

Users can replace low-efficiency piping sections and apply the right capacity pump. New systems can be configured as needed to further optimize the vacuum system.

System Comparison Before & After play_arrow

System Comparison Before & After

You can add up to 6 systems in one project and all 6 systems can be compared in one graph! The result graphs of pump down time and throughput guide you to which system is more fit for your process. With intuitive and detailed graphs, You can decide to choose the most suitable vacuum system among them for your application.